from "The Time Machine", 2002

Godzilla Roar

(What is darkmatter?)

Instructor: Mr. Bean Physics/Astronomy Football Coach CHS 775-283-1714 E-mail:

Ending Theme

Openning Theme

UT Date and Time

Fall 2015 Courses Heliophysics/Solar Activity Lunar Cycle Current Weather Jack C. Davis Observatory
AP Physics 1 Summer
(AP Physics 1: A3/A5)

H Physics Summer (H Physics: B4)

Astronomy: A1, B2, AB55
Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:
SOHO Observatory
GEONS-Mag Data


Interstellar Trailer 1

Trailer 2
Extra-Credit Movie and Relativity Quiz
Related Links
1. Twin Paradox and light-speed
2. The 4th Dimesnion Explained
3. Hypercube Explained
4. Satellites and Relativity

NASA's Warp-Drive Model

Warp Drive Prototype

Short Intro to Wormholes

Physics Applets-Resources

Fendt Physics Appplets Oregon Applets Physics Applets
NSF Project RECON Video Physics Applets 2 MSU Physics Applets
Atomic Physics
The Stormy Sun

Lake Shank/Shelby Brown Kitt Peak, AZ Article

Astronomy Applets
Zoey Gray
Project RECON
Nebraska Astronomy Fendt Astronomy Planetarium

Partial Solar Eclipse
UNR Engineering ... "Shaking it Off"
to Taylor Swift

Will Struble
CHS Student Research
NASA/UC Berkeley

Annular Solar Eclipse 2012

Archie's Lunar Eclipse 2014

Wavelength-Energy Calculator
Bohr Energy Calculator
Photon Energy, Wavelength, and Frequency Calculator
Lense Equation Calculator
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